I love when the title of a post fits perfectly with its content

Originally posted on The Creative Juicer:

Have I ever told you about my dream?

It starts how dreams always start, or at least how mine always do (I’m not sure about yours), but it starts with me standing alone in a park. You may find such a start to a dream strange (in truth, most of my dreams are strange), but I’m not standing long. Before I know it, I’m walking along a cobblestone path while spinning a crooked old cane.

You see, I’m searching for something… no, I’m searching for someone – it always alternates between the two, you know, and I can never quite place it! But I’m walking along the winding old path, tapping my crooked old cane on the ground, searching for signs of the mysterious being. And as I am searching, I can’t help but admire the beautiful park. Pausing a moment, I take a deep breath of the cool evening…

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